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Key questions for parents when you’re choosing a dentist to care for your child.

Why should a parent choose a pediatric dentist?

Just as a pediatrician is a specialist who cares for your child’s medical needs, a pediatric dentist is a specialist who cares for your child’s oral health and dental needs. A pediatric dentist receives two years of specialty training beyond dental school. Most are hospital trained with significant study devoted to the psychological aspects of guiding children through the dental experience.

Pediatric dentists are also extensively trained in growth and development and are better able to treat your son or daughter in the most appropriate manner while the child transitions, both dentally and skeletally, to an adult. A pediatric dentist also practices in a “kid-friendly facility,” has pediatric-sized instruments and equipment, and is better able to guide your child through a dental procedure.

Are parents allowed in the treatment room?

Yes, at All Kids Dental, parents are allowed in the treatment room. Our goal is to make your little one as comfortable as possible and your presence often helps achieve that goal. We are proud of our team’s ability to guide your child through the dental experience and we want parents to know what’s going on in the back.

Who will be placing and finishes my child's fillings filling once the cavity is removed, and who gives my child the local anesthetic injection?

The State of Colorado does not require that these procedures be performed by the doctor. Because we are committed to excellence in our treatment, the doctors at All Kids Dental believe that your child deserves the doctor’s time and quality can only be ensured when the doctors perform these procedures themselves.

Parents in the treatment room are able to see firsthand how care is delivered to their child. We enjoy our reputation within the dental community and are committed to excellence when caring for your youngster.

Why not use silver/mercury amalgam fillings for my child’s cavities?

Although they’re more expensive, All Kids Dental uses bonded white fillings rather than amalgam. The research shows that more than 30% of the silver mercury fillings placed on baby teeth will break and have to be replaced within 18 to 20 months. Retreatment of failed work is not only expensive, but means your child will have to go through having the same tooth treated twice.

What can parents do to prevent ongoing cavity problems?

This is vital because children with cavities are much more likely to develop new cavities in the future. The doctors at All Kids Dental will recommend a specific preventive protocol for your child and we now have exciting new options available.

Some of the advanced tools include prescription toothpastes (tricalcium phosphate or high concentration fluoride pastes), xylitol gum and mints, and a promising new chlorhexidine varnish/probiotic combination. 

What kind of equipment is used?

All Kids Dental has the latest, state-of-the-art technology, including laser diagnostics and intraoral cameras; plus, the newest generation of X-ray equipment to ensure the lowest possible radiation for your child. We also utilize electric handpieces that minimize the dental noise that can add to a child’s natural anxiety. Electric handpieces are not only quieter, but deliver less torque to the teeth, so many procedures can even be accomplished without a local anesthetic (shot).

Can my child be sedated or put to sleep in the office?

All Kids Dental offers an in-office sedation option for parents with very young children who have substantial dental need. Our doctors are hospital-trained specialists who are not only licensed by the State of Colorado but also have the specialized sedation and facility permit that is required to offer this approach. Many families prefer the sedation option as a graceful way to accomplish treatment that avoids a negative memory going into future dentistry.

Some children have dental needs or anxiety that are beyond what can be accomplished through oral sedation. In these cases, it may be necessary to put the child to sleep under general anesthesia. This is a great option for the young boy or girl who has extensive dental needs because the child is fully asleep during the entire procedure.

At All Kids Dental, we have partnered with a team of highly trained dental anesthesiologists to provide in-office general anesthesia. All of the same safety, training, and emergency precautions are in place that you find at the hospital, but this can be done at the dental office for a fraction of the cost and time. 

What else should I know?

All Kids Dental provides a unique, child-friendly, and professionally themed jungle office to help your son or daughter’s dental experience be the best possible. Our mission is excellence in all aspects of pediatric dentistry.

We are committed to quality care while building personal relationships and providing outstanding customer service within a fun, loving, and state-of-the-art environment.

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